Wheel Aligners

Cutting edge technology and
simplistic design



Advanced Contact Clamp

Our clamp fits on wheels from 10-26” with no adaptors necessary. As it sits over the tyre, and not on the rim, plastic hub caps do not need to be removed. It also is quick, easy to use and light weight. Runout or Rolling compensation is not required.


Flexible and Mobile

Most current machines are bolted to the ground or wall, and restricted to a single hoist bay. Our machine can easily be moved around your workshop, and can take readings on any surface. This allows you to free up your hoist spaces and to carry out quick checks. Also, if you have multiple hoists, you can easily move the machine around.


No Runout

All current alignment machines need to carry out “runout”. This involves pushing the car backwards and forward on a hoist before you can start the alignment of the car. On our wheel alignment machines, none of this is required.

100% Italian made

Each of our wheel alignment machines have been designed and manufactured in Italy. Fasep have been supplying the automotive industry with high tech, innovative equipment since 1969, and are well-known for their unique style and design

All equipment Fasep manufactures is built and designed to the highest standards, and 100% made in Italy.

As one of Fasep’s selected suppliers, we were chosen for our proven support capabilities, and product and industry knowledge. For the best in wheel alignment machines for sale, made and designed in Italy, you can count on Specialised Equipment to deliver.

Features & Benefits



Winlogic 4.0 is an intuitive software specially designed for Fasep wheel alignment machines. With over 32,000 car models in the Winlogic databank, you can be sure you will have all you need to perform accurate wheel alignments with ease.



Introducing the smallest sensor in the world: the Wintrax 2.0 sensor. Available on the VCO-K Wheel Aligner model, the Wintrax 2.0 is the most accurate sensor Fasep have made for wheel alignment machines. It is extremely light and durable, making it easy to use.



The Fasep contact clamp has been engineered for simplicity and ease of use, while still remaining extremely capable. With its intelligent design, the Fasep contact clamp can easily attach to all tyre types, including lowered and off-road tyres. With this design there is no need to remove hubcaps, and no need for runout, making it easier than ever to perform a wheel realignment.

30 years of high-quality service

Our team at Specialised Equipment have been providing exceptional service and high-quality products for our customers across Australia for over 30 years. In this time, we have provided highly effective solutions for all sectors of the automotive service industry, along with the capabilities to back up all our products with excellent service and support. 

We have built a strong relationship with Fasep, who have been delivering high quality automotive workshop equipment since 1969, and together we deliver incredible products and service our customers love, ensuring they receive the best equipment easily.

If you are looking for great wheel alignment equipment, Specialised Equipment is the right place for you.

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frequently asked questions

No. Thanks to the design of the Contact Clamp and Wintrax Sensor we sit directly on the tyre, and not the rim. Therefore, rim runout is not a concern. Also, because the machine is not a 3D style system, rolling compensation is not required to obtain readings.

No. The Fasep machine does not come with a user calibration bar. Thanks to the simplicity of the design of the sensors, calibration to the machine is rarely required, with most customers getting it checked just once a year.

The electronic track gauge allows the user to electronically measure the track of the car before alignment. We have found by using this tool we get straight alignments 95% of the time. This unique feature to Fasep machines also allows us to modify the spec data so, if you don’t have the exact spec for a car that you are about to align, you can easily adjust the machine to generate a perfect alignment.

No. the Fasep has a generic spec option. Simply list the tyre size, and measure the track, and you will get accurate alignments.

Yes. Thanks to us being able to modify the spec of each car, we can adjust for different size and width rims, both front and rear, wheelbase changes and track changes. This is one of the only machines on the market that can measure and adjust for all these items.

Currently we do not allow you to purchase our wheel alignment machines through our website, however, you can order a product simply by contacting us. This is because we have very specialised equipment designed for the automotive servicing industry. When you reach out to our team, we will be able to provide you with a free quote and an obligation free demo.

Give us a call on 1300 831 960, or email us at sales@specequip.com.au for more information.