NoContact - Wheel Alignment robot (without contact)

With the No Contact wheel alignment system, the way to measure wheel alignment has been revolutionized.

Features include:

  • No target required on the wheel

  • Eliminates back and forth vehicle movement to compensate measurements

  • Measurement accuracy is comparable to 3D Infrared / CCD wheel aligners

  • Automatic camera positioning

  • Automatic tracking when hoist is operational

  • PC-based wheel aligner

  • Deluxe Trolley

  • Monitor LCD 27"

  • Windows 11 Operating System

  • MAXI level wheel alignment software

  • Databank upgradable via internet

  • Guided wheel alignment procedure with 3d animations

  • Toe-curve adjustment program

  • Colour printer

  • USB interface

  • Touchless measuring system

  • 4 infrared cameras

  • Robot positioning system for cameras

  • 4,5m rails for camera system

  • Passive reflection markers to be applied on tyre wall

  • Wired transmission system

  • Cabling integrated on rails

  • Heavy duty turntables (1000kg)

  • Industria 4.0 Compatible

  • Steering lock

  • Brake pedal depressor