Wheel Balancers

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Simplistic Design

High quality wheel balancer machines test


Easy to use

The selection of the wheel type, weight type and wheel data are all carried out automatically. Simply touch the wheel with the measuring arms and the dimensions will then be automatically inputted, as well as the wheel type and required weights – Clip on, Stick on etc.


Heavy Duty

While most other machines can only handle 60-70kg, our machines can handle wheels up to 90kg on the shaft. This means you can feel confident that your wheel balancer machine will take the load required.


No Calibration

Fasep wheel balancer machines very rarely go out of tune. With routine service, they will never need you to carry out further calibration, so you can eliminate the need for fiddly resetting and testing from your day.


Extreme Accuracy

To ensure you never get returns, each of our Fasep wheel balancer machines are accurate, down to the gram, ensuring every wheel balance you complete will be accurate, every time.


Flexible Size

The wide range of wheel balancer machines on offer allows us to provide various options and configurations. This means they can fit in any position in your workspace without sacrificing features or quality.

our range

100% Italian made

Each of our wheel alignment machines have been designed and manufactured in Italy. Fasep have been supplying the automotive industry with high tech, innovative equipment since 1969, and are well-known for their unique style and design

All equipment Fasep manufactures is built and designed to the highest standards, and 100% made in Italy.

As one of Fasep’s selected suppliers, we were chosen for our proven support capabilities, and product and industry knowledge. For the best in wheel alignment machines for sale, made and designed in Italy, you can count on Specialised Equipment to deliver.

Features & Benefits


  • Extremely Accurate Readings.

  • Very Stable – Moving the unit does notaffect calibration.

  • Results are always perfect. No matter what type of wheel.

  • The centrifugal force goes completely through the sensors.


  • For Perfect Centering.

  • The Bell Flange is integrated in the shaft.

  • Tolerances of coupling eliminated.

  • It improves dramatically the centring accuracy.


  • Laser point follows ALU measuring arm.

  • Pinpoint accuracy.

  • No mistakes of weight placement.

30 years of high-quality service

Our team at Specialised Equipment have been providing exceptional service and high-quality products for our customers across Australia for over 30 years. In this time, we have provided highly effective solutions for all sectors of the automotive service industry, along with the capabilities to back up all our products with excellent service and support. 

We have built a strong relationship with Fasep, who have been delivering high quality automotive workshop equipment since 1969, and together we deliver incredible products and service our customers love, ensuring they receive the best equipment easily.

If you are looking for great wheel alignment equipment, Specialised Equipment is the right place for you.

Contact Us For An Obligation Free Demo

For an obligation free demonstration of each of our wheel alignment machines, simply fill out the contact form, send us an email, or give us a call, and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

We can arrange a no-obligation demo for to view the range, and for our team to help you find the right solution.

For personalised service, and advice that works, contact our friendly team today!

frequently asked questions

All of our wheel balancers are 240V, however they can run powerful 3Phase motors via an inverter.

Majority of our balancers can handle 90KG on the shaft. Our smaller balancers, for example the B212, can handle 70KG on the shaft.

Yes. Wheel lifters can be optionally fitted to all our machines.

Yes. Sonar can be fitted to all of our wheel balancers.

Auto select is a Fasep exclusive feature included on majority of our balancers. Auto select automatically chooses the wheel size, width and distance and it will also automatically set the program of the wheel, e.g., clip on & stick on or stick & stick on etc. Thanks to this feature, the operator never needs to select from a list of options as the machine does it all itself, helping to reduce operator errors and balance errors that occur from the wrong program being selected.

Currently we do not allow you to purchase our wheel balancer machines online through our website, however, you can order a product simply by contacting us. This is because we have very specialised equipment designed for the automotive servicing industry. When you reach out to our team, we will be able to provide you with a free quote and an obligation free demo.

Give us a call on 1300 831 960, or email us at sales@specequip.com.au for more information.