VCO-K.Eco is a wheel aligner and trolley that comes with a practical and modern design, designed to make the work of the operator easier. Thanks to its size, it can hold everything you need without taking up space in the workshop. Practical and fast, it can be moved safely and used in any workstation, both on pit and scissor lift and even on 2-column lift, with the appropriate software options.

It comes equipped with the legendary FASEP measuring system, to make every wheel alignment adjustment a simple, effective and precise job.

With this FASEP wheel aligner you will get straight steering on the first try!

  • PC-based wheel aligner

  • Suitable for Car, Vans, SUVs and Light Trucks wheels

  • Standard Trolley

  • Monitor LCD 22"

  • Windows 11 Operating System

  • EASY level wheel alignment software

  • Databank upgradable via internet

  • Guided wheel alignment procedure with 3d animations

  • Printer

  • USB interface

  • FASEP measuring system

  • 4 WinTRAX2 infrared sensors (radio transmission, multilink system, accelerometer for electronic level control)

  • Integrated battery charger on the cabinet

  • Contact clamps 10-26"

  • Run Out compensation not required

  • Electronic track gauge

  • Heavy duty turntables (2200kg)

  • Industria 4.0 Compatible

  • Steering lock

  • Brake pedal depressor

On most other machines, you are fixed to carry out the alignment as the machines wants. On our machinery, we are able to adjust the workflow depending on how the car needs to be aligned. If you don’t need to do caster, you can skip the step and not carry out a swing, saving a lot of time.