The hydro-pneumatic riveting machine CC 300 allows to rivet and derivet the brake linings on every type of brake shoe. The heavy duty steel structure gives excellent qualities of strength and rigidity at the machine, while the combined hydraulic and pneumatic acting system assures as high working force using a low quantity of compressed air which is treated by a filter-lubricator group complete of pressure regulator and an easy reading manometer.

Rivert Dia: 3-12mm

Max Force: 5200 kg


  • CC0378 Shoe support attachment

  • CC0379 Brake shoe pushing spring

  • Rivets diameter 3-12mm

  • Working pressure 1-8 bar

  • Maximum punch force 5200kg

  • Maximum punch stroke 40mm

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 350x490x1520mm

  • Weight 136kg

  • Net weight Kg 136

  • Gross weight Kg 156

  • Volume 0.70 m3

  • Packing dimensions mm 1650x530x770h